Hamilton Island

このハミルトン島では二か月間、キッチンハンドの仕事をしてました。といってもほぼ雑用 lol







またここがオーストラリアでファームを除いては初めての職場だったので、海外職場情もよく学べました。 真面目な奴はまじめだし、さぼるやつはどんだけ言っても変わらんし。まあでも基本緩くてUNIQLOがどれだけ厳しいか学べましたね~日本でバイトしたくね~




I had worked in Hamilton Island for nearly 3 months as a kitchen hand.

it is famous for the resort island which is close to Great Barrier Reef and White heaven beach. Plas a lot of celebrity like Paul McCartney , Chris Hemsworth who acts in Avengers as Thor and Imoto who is Japanese comedian come to stay and have a holiday sicretly .


I had nothing to do other than drinking or go to the beach when i had day off but i spoke English a lot n the beach is super close to our accomodation and good wage☆ it was awsome.

i met heaps of people who still keep in touch even we are apart , care about me and tell something new,changed my life (they made me go to the gym almost everyday)

now i missed that life so bad.


And it was the first job i had in Australia except farming so I could feel that i was working oversea.  i found that everybody works hard was bullshit. haha

but basically easy and the boss was kind and only few chefs made me harry so it was fine. definitely UNQLO is the worst company i've ever worked. I dont wanna work in japan as part time job~lol


due to my phone was broken , i didnt find pics in Hamilton...


see u next time