I arrived Fiji yesterday and last night i was try to write last article about Australia but i felt asleep so now i opened the PC and i realized that all words that i wrote has gone. soooo sad. shit happens sometimes. so i write this little bit shorter than before i hope you understand.  


first, about my work place. i was working as a labour for 3 months. building big one. 20 dollars per hour. no bad. i could save up enough money. as some of you know , my braziloqn fried Paulo also worked . he was little bit lazy tho lol. anyway there were many natives so my english skill has improved.  and after work i usually went to gym and watcked netflix. and i found good movie which is called 13 reasons why produced by Selena Gomez. i got big inspiration from that and i had tatoo same as her.


next is how i spent on weekends. mostly i went to the city to see my friends and make some food from where we are, or drank , somked , whatever.these memories are my treasure. we had fun. but most people in australia like drinking and clubbing .i think becouse there is nothing to do in late night. thats why i didnt like that life. 

i like to sit and talk better than this.


anyway my best memories are my last week i spent with lot of people. from work and friends in city. they were so nice to me till the end. invited me to BBQ and dinner . and last day they were waiting for my train till 5 am. so sweet. i met good people and im happy to have you guys. 


sorry this time im so tired and didn post pics but from next article, im gonna start writing about Fiji !!! be ready !!!