昨日のワクチンで熱も出てだと思うけど、予約してたのでミニバンに揺られ3時間パタヤに来ました。一昨年もじょーじと呉竹と訪れた思い出の地。 着いたらもう夕方で今は雨。それに疲れが相当溜まってると思うのでゆっくり休んでおります。



when i woke up this morning, I felt my body was heavy and really hot. I think because of vaccine that I took yesterday. 

However I booked tickets to go to pattaya so I had no choice. I took medicine and came here. Actually I visited here with two of my friends two years ago. I feel nostalgic so bad. It was fun huh? Anyway when I get here it was already afternoon and rainy so I decided just laying down and took some rest.

and tomorrow my another Thailand friend will come to see me . I’m exited to seeing him again!