I met Thai friends



そのあともう1人の友達Aofもバンコクから来ると言い出して2時間くらいかけてほんまに来よった笑笑 ブリスベンメンバー再集合できて何より!地元の居酒屋みたいなとこにみんなで行ってまたビール呑んでめちゃ辛い飯食わされて、んで家帰ってまた飲んで



明日はAkeの家族と一緒にカンチャナブリの親戚の集まりに参加させていただくことになった〜 カオスになりそうな予感😂


Finally I met Ake! He was my first friend in Brisbane!  Tonight I’m staying over his house. Thanks bro〜

After I met him , he introduced me to his brother and his girlfriend. They took me to local beach and we had beer 🍺. 

And another friend Aof who I hang  out in Bangkok said he was gonna coming here. And two hours later he really showed up lol 

I was happy to meet Ake and Aof coz we hang out in Brisbane a lot! Friends Reunion 〜yay


and we went to dinner and drank again . They gave me fucking spicy food and went back home and drank again. I haven’t drunk this much since a year ago.


Tomorrow I will attend their family event fortunately! I suppose It’s gonna be chaos tho lol