off to Dubai



中4日はカンボジアで過ごしましたがほぼ2週間いました〜 いろんな人と出会いお世話になり、いい経験ができました。

昨日はカンボジアの後別れたひろさんともカオサンでまさかの再開を果たし今日も最後までハロウィンで町中盛り上がる中、ゆっくりお話しできてよかった。 また日本で会えるのを楽しみにしてます。



I’m waiting for airplane to Dubai.

I have to say good bye to Thailand.

I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I met lots of people and got really good experiences. 


Surprisingly , yesterday I met Hiro-san again in Khaosan!! It’s been a few days since we were apart. We had dinner in the middle of Halloween lol thanks


well when I was planning to go to next country I was fascinated by UAE especially Dubai and it’s on the way to Egypt so I decided to go there. 

Im exited to meet new people and experiences!!!