Amman night


The second night in Amman was really nice!



I met Alaa on couch surfing. He was nice guy and his friend too! They had car and took me a lot of places in capital.


はじめ車乗る時にパスポートある?って聞かれて、なんで?とか思いつつ、警察に聞かれる時もあるからと言うから持ってきたんやけど、まぁはじめは大丈夫か?と。 どっかで取られるんちゃうかおもてたけどまずはレストランに連れていかされ、羊の脳みそやらローカルフードをご馳走になりました。(自腹)


When I first met them , they asked me to bring passport and I was like ??? Do I need it ? Why? They said sometimes police ask us to show it. So without a choice I brought it. First they took me a local restaurant. It was really nice. Someone say Jordan foods are not good but actually quite nice! I ate chicken kebab and sheep’s brain kebab lol



そのあと行ったニューダウンタウンてところ。ここでまさかのパスポート提示があったわけですよ。彼らが正しかった笑笑 高級店や免税店などがあるため必要らしい。そしてダウンタウンへ。 イランの有名なアイスチェーン店。そこでまさかの腕相撲を挑戦された笑笑 アイスを毎日使ってるから腕には自信があるとのこと。確かに強かった笑 腹筋はぷよぷよやったけど!笑笑


And then we went to new downtown. When I enter there police Ake’s me to show passport !!!!

They were right lol I’m sorry for doubting you 😜

There were lots of fancy shops and duty free shops that’s why I needed it.

and then we went to Iran ice cream shop which is really famous in Arabian countries.  But before I ordered it , the guy who works there challenged me arm wrestling lol I lost. He was really strong. He said he’s used arm always. But his abs are too much fat lol






They helped me get a bus ticket too. It was full but they said if I went early morning I could get. It didn’t make sense but I said okay lol

anywa we had good night!!!