Eilat →Dahab


Yesterday I got Eilat where is located near border to Egypt to get visa.


I arrived there at 11:30 and went to embassy straight away coz it closes 12:00. They said I could get around 2pm. I was lucky. So today I only had to get the bus to border.

ただ大問題が発生。下痢が止まらんかった笑 ビザとったあたりから足の関節に違和感があり水のようなうんこ。おまけに隣の部屋のアメリカ人2人がトランプに誘ってきて断れず。そのあとやっと寝れると思ったらおっさんのいびきがうるさくて寝れない!せっかくロキソニンで熱も下がってたのに。結局継続的に寝れずに今朝起きて、下痢は止まったからいいものの、いつ爆発するかわからない状態でボーダーへ。ちなみにオーストラリア出身の金髪美女ジョージアちゃんと一緒にダハブまで行くことへ! 

But I got Diarrhea. It was terrible. I went to both room a lot and they were almost water lol

and two Americans invited me to play game and I couldn’t refuse that . We played a couple of hours and went to the bed. But a guy was snoring too loud. I couldn’t sleep. I was worried about shitting myself but I went to border with Australia girl named Georgia. She is beautiful lol





She said she didn’t want wait the bus for two hours so we catches the taxi and went to Dahab.  You know this area is really dangerous. 4 years ago the bus was attacked by terrorist and 3 people died. And just 5 days ago IS started throwing bombs around here. Anyway we reached here with nothing happened! And of course I didn’t shit myself!





And fortunately she asked me to get my number. I was in cloud 9 lol

i arrived hotel and met Japanese guy named Sige and went to dinner. Another Indian guy joined us and went to smoke shisha.

I will take some break tomorrow!