13日にダハブに来てはや10日。ライセンス取るのに4日かかったけど6日はただリラックス。物価安いし海近いし、ほんと沈没してしまった。まだいるつもりだけどね笑 ただ、今日はイタリア行きのチケット11/30を安く買えたので数日後にはカイロへ!ピラミッドでも拝んでクソ寒いヨーロッパへ!というのが今後の予定!


I came Dahab 13th of this month and have been staying 10 days already! It took 4 days to get diving license but 6 days? Do nothing lol this is Dahab.

but! I bought ticket to Italy 30th ! So I’ll get going to Cairo in few days and see pyramid. Then go to Europe. Seems cold. I’m gonna be freezing.






I went to Friday market to buy lunch. It was smaller than I expected lol look at the picture. So small lol but I am satisfied coz I got sushi!