NZ Auckland

去年の4月にフィジー の学校が3週間ホリデーという事でニュージーランドで同じくワーホリをしていた大学の友達に会いに訪れまして、その時できた友達(よしたか)に会いに来ました。今日で4日目!明日の夜明け前に出発します!


さてオークランドにフィジー から空港についてシティまで来るのに本当に時間かった。入国審査が厳しすぎる。まず並んでパスポートにハンコ押してもらって、荷物取ってそのあとまた長蛇の列に並んで今度は荷物検査、、、お菓子や食べ物など少しでもあると申告しておかないとあとあと面倒だしみんなその場でおっちゃんに見せて怪しかったらX-RAYに行って、などなど




片道20ドルて! たった30分なのにね




んで多美子にJAMって言う日本語に興味がある現地の大学生と英語を学びたい日本人ワーホリ生や学生が集まるサークルに参加しました〜  去年もここでいろんな友達ができて数人だけど一年半ぶり久々に会うことができて本当に嬉しかった。無料でピザもたらふく食べれたしね  いい初日だったなぁ


Actually this is second time to visit Auckland for me. Last year when I was studying English in Fiji, we had big holiday and I thought it was gonna be bored,so I booked tickets and decided to visit my uni friend (Yoshitaka ) who studied English as well. 


First of all , it took ages from the airport to the city. I was sick of waiting for immigration check. There was really long queue and heaps of Chinese who can’t understand English at all. Everytime they were asked something in English we got stuck and waited for translator. Please study basic English before you coming. But I think the system of the airport must be changed. 


Anyway I got the city and finally I met Tamiko who is one of my friends I met Auckland before. She is half Japanese and half Indian and grow up in NZ so she can speak Japanese almost like us but English is her mother tongue.

and then she took me to JAM which is Japanese and English club activity. Uni Students who are interested in Japanese or Japanese who want to study English come there and make friends. I went there as well last year and I met a lot of good friends.  This time I could meet few of them but I felt nostalgic and happy!!! And I ate free pizza until I was full. It was great seeing them again!!!