happy birthday to me in Cambodia











Today I’ve turned 22 years old in Cambodia. (Last years was in Australia )


My family and friends have been supporting me and I really appreciate that! I mean it

I think that’s enough having those people but also I’m doing what I want so far. I’m just happy thanks.


btw, what I did today is took bus for 5-6 hours lol

and I arrived Phnompenh which is the capital of Cambodia and now I’m just chilling for tonight and tomorrow.

I am staying good backpackers which is located just in from of Mekong river and tidy and cheap.

thanks god there is free wifi too lol


the reason why I came here is to see Cambodia’s history. I think someone know already “Pol Pot “

I was kinda familiar with that and remembered what it is and what happened. Tomorrow it’s gonna be tough but I’ll share something important. See u then and thank you for celebrating me today.