killing fields











Yesterday, I visited the place where is famous called “killing fields”. It was just 40 years ago under Khmer Rouge , a lot of people were killed even they were totally innocent. 

At first I wasn’t planning to come to Cambodia but I hard about this from people I met and I remember that I studied little bit when I was student and I knew it would be hard but they made me come there.


in the morning, I went to “killing fields” . 

I was listening to the audio and it told me a lot of information. For example, people who were innocent like teachers, doctors, uni students whoever had knowledge or just looked smart like wearing glasses. Pol Pot was scared of those people and killed. Most of them were killed by not guns. Coz there were not so many guns and expensive at that time. So by wood sticks , iron sticks , whatever they were hard. They were hit until died. Not only them but also their whole family in order to stop hating and revenging Pol Pot. That’s why he killed baby as well and mother. Do u know how they were killed?  Baby were killed in front of mothers grabbed legs and hit the big tree. This tree is called “death tree” when the first person found that tree, it still had their brains , borne, and much blood. Mothers sometimes were killed after raiped.  

I found there were a lot of hills , not hills actually but I don’t know how to call. Anyway they were used as tomb. They dig the big hole sometimes under 5 meters and put body in them and covered. Even now bones and teeth or clothes come out from them. 


What i felt after this tour, I thought that history repeats over and over like we don’t know exactly but long time ago around the world, same things happened. We can read old books. However, Cambodia government and some countries built this historical monument and we can visit and know what happened. We have to learn from that and make this never happen from now on.


picturs I will post today is gonna be shocking so be careful.


Skulls of people who were killed




Killing field

There were 40 bodys in this grave 

Clothes people wore

Killing tree