Jordan last night


I arrived Israel this morning but I’ll write down about last night in Jordan.




I slept a lot and went to book the ticket for boarder bus, eat something and chilled out. Then I felt hungry so I went to put and met Haji in coincidence! What a small world isn’t it!?

we went to Roma theatre.


And we saw a lot of people made circle in the park. It was woman lay down on the ground. I think she was feinted. The police said go away to us and her friends was trying to move her somewhere else. Haji said they did want let men touch her. So everyone surrounded her and just watch. Nobody tried to treat her. It seemd some kinda religion thing we thought.  Anyway we hope she was okay and left there. We said see u again to each other. 


And I grabbed some dinner and was about to eat them , Alaa called me to come to ice cream shop where we went the other night. There were also other his friends from China. He really likes making friends!


んでぶらついた後、アラーが現地の1番有名なレストランへ連れてってくれた。そこでヨルダンというかイスラエルにもあったんでこの辺の有名な料理フムスを食べた。マジうまい笑笑 感動した。

we went to walk little bit and he took us to the most famous local restaurant. They were really yum!